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F100: David's First Foray into Precision Farming


David and his wife Melisa operate two companies: one focusing on agricultural service while the other selling agricultural machinery imported from countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, etc. The latter cultivate 500 hectares of land in Avila, Spain. They have been growing barley and wheat for 23 years. It requires a large amount of time and cost in each agricultural season.


Time: November 2022

Attracted by F100 introduction, David decided to choose Sveaverken F100 Auto Steer System as his first foray into precision farming and tested it on one of his tractors. He was quite satisfied with the first test, which brought perfect straight lines and release of experienced labor. Supported by our reliable sales and technical team, he showed great confidence in Sveaverken as well as this system.

auto steer

f100 auto steering


Swedish design at an affordable price for more productivity and higher performance thanks to its high precision.

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