Sveaverken’s Automatic Cattle Feeder Enables Youran Dairy "Unmanned Cattle Raising"


Youran Dairy Farming Chilechuan Ecological Wisdom Pasture's Intelligent Cattle House has been officially opened, according to a report by Xinhuanet News on June 6. The report states that the most intelligent green and low-carbon sightseeing pasture in the world has used Sveaverken's automatic cattle feeder - RoboPusher Pro to achieve "unmanned cattle raising."

"The robot feeder automatically pushes the feed at a pre-set time and route, making it easier for cows to have intake. The pasture also uses IoT equipment systems to monitor the feed intake of cows in real-time and adjust the feed quantity and ratio, making it precise and timed without manual work", said the report.

automatic cattle feeder
(Image source: Xinhuanet News)

Feed-pushing has always been a significant challenge in the animal husbandry industry. A lactating cow requires 15-30 kg of dry-matter intake daily, and the feed counts for 50% of the pasture operating cost. It is necessary to manually push the scattered feed back to the trough in time and increase feed conversion efficiency. If the pushing is not frequent enough or timely, the feed will be scattered for too long and lead to deterioration and the loss of nutritional value.

However, traditional pushing machines have problems with high noise, low feed utilization rate, and high feed cost. Manual pushing also has the risk of personnel management and training, and foreign pathogens may affect the herd's health. These issues restrict the development of animal husbandry.

automatic cow feeder

The Sveaverken automatic cattle feeder solves these problems by stably and safely pushing high-frequency feeding, ensuring the cleaning of the cattle trough, reducing feed waste and costs, increasing the feed intake of cows, and improving milk production.

Moreover, as the pilot of applying high-definition cameras for visual navigation and real-time monitoring, the cattle feeder robot can automatically calculate the pushing path stably and safely. The scattering time of the feed is thus greatly shortened, the deterioration rate of the feed is reduced, and the nutritional value is guaranteed.

With the launch of Sveaverken's new generation auto feeder for cattle, RoboPusher Nimbo, its compact design can be adapted to the needs of different-sized pastures. It provides visual unmanned service, easy to operate, uninterrupted material pushing around the clock, safer and more worry-free.

Sveaverken is a century-old enterprise that is committed to promoting digital herd management solutions. With the dairy farming industry officially entering the "era of unmanned cattle raising", the application of smart equipment has become an inevitable trend in the development of modern animal husbandry, and it is also the direction that Sveaverken is committed to promoting.

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