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Sveabot™ M100E Autonomous Floor Scrubber

Autopilot Mode  
Obstacle Avoidance
Path Planning 
Duo Modes 
4.5-hour Fast Charging
140L Recovery Tank 
15KPa Suction Power

Clean smarter, not harder.

Sveaverken's Sveabot™ M100E is your cleaning partner. Designed to tackle 99% of floor types with ease, powered by 3D LiDAR technology and advanced obstacle-avoidance algorithms. Able to clean fully autonomously, the M100E saves you time and effort, ensuring a consistently spotless clean.

Dual cleaning modes offer ultimate flexibility. Choose Manual (ride-on) mode for direct control, or switch to Autonomous for hands-free operation – perfect for larger areas or after-hours cleaning.



The Sveabot™ M100 Efficiency is a versatile autonomous floor scrubber for 99% of ground surfaces. With 3D LiDAR and advanced algorithm, it learns and memorizes cleaning paths while autonomously navigating obstacles. The M100 Efficiency outperforms 5 workers, reducing businesses costs and boosting efficiency.


Set it and forget it.


M100E's Autopilot Mode is your secret weapon for hands-free cleaning. This innovative system uses advanced technology, including:

  • 3D LiDAR Scanner: This advanced sensor creates a detailed map of your environment, allowing the M100E to navigate obstacles and clean every corner, automatically.
  • Four Depth Cameras: These cameras work alongside the LiDAR sensor to provide a complete picture of your space, ensuring nothing gets missed.

The result? Effortless cleaning that saves you time and labor costs, while delivering exceptional results. You can focus on other tasks while the M100E takes care of the cleaning.

  Sveabot™ M100 Efficiency is driven by self-innovate chip, and runs four deep-sensing cameras and a 3D laser radar, achieving clean technology for autonomous driving. It significantly reduces the labor costs and increases efficiency.

Packed with features for a smarter clean.


Not just autonomy – M100E is packed with intelligent features that make cleaning easier and more efficient:

M100E remembers your cleaning paths, ensuring a consistent and thorough clean every time you use it, while automatic braking and turning speed limits keep the M100E safe and prevent collisions.

It even sports a zero-turn function, allowing the M100E to turn on a dime, making it easy to navigate tight spaces and furniture.

All of this with a simple, one-time setup. Built to deliver reliable performance for years to come!

M100 Efficiency is equipped with advanced technology, including path memory, auto brake, turning speed limit, zero turn, etc. One-time setup ensures a long term standardized operation. 

Path Memory

Auto Brake

Zero Turn

Path Memory

Auto Brake

Zero Turn

Knows the limits.


The M100E senses where cliffs or edges lie in your floor plan, and has full safety functions enabled right from the first clena, with anti wheel lock, speed limits, and an emergency stop. All with immediate in-app alerts!

​A variety of security settings ensure safe operation, even in unmanned mode.

Blind Spot Detection

Rear View Camera

Obstacle Avoidance

Unrivaled cleaning performance.     

Blind Spot Detection

Reversing Image

Obstacle Avoidance


15 KPa Suction Power

3 Levels Of Brushing Pressure

Cleaning Width Of 860 mm

15 KPa Suction Power

3 Levels Of Brushing Pressure

Cleaning Width Of 860 mm

Ultimate flexibility.

99% of floor types. 

Easy switching between ride-on and autonomous cleaning modes. 

Adjust cleaning strength for floor types and dirt levels.  

Dedicated after-sales service.

Dedicated After-sales Service

 Multi-region on-site support

 Customizable after-sales package

Extensive application scenarios.

Extensive Application Scenarios


Structural Specs

Size (L × W × H)
1715  × 1120  × 1475 mm
Max Slope
65% or 33°
Net Weight
318 kg
IP Rating
Driving Mode
Two rear-wheel drive
Noise Level
<75 dBA
Maximum Speed
6.5 km/h
Full Load Gradeability
15° (26%)
Minimum Turning Radius
1211 mm
Cleaning Specs

Disk Brush Specs

Battery Specs


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