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Cultivating Efficiency and Sustainab​ility

Data-driven farming for higher yields, that's what we do. Explore Sveaverken's precision agriculture solutions.

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precision agriculture
Less Work, More Life

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Waste

Eliminate overlaps, skips, and wasted fuel with automated guidance and optimized field paths. Sveaverken's precision technology ensures you cover every inch of your field exactly once, reducing operating time and fuel consumption. This translates to significant cost savings over time, putting more money back in your pocket.

Peak Productivity

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Crops

Apply fertilizer, seeds, and other inputs precisely where your crops need them most. Leverage real-time field data to identify areas with varying soil conditions and tailor your approach accordingly. This targeted approach ensures optimal crop health and growth, leading to maximized yields and a bountiful harvest.

Greener Future

Farm with Sustainability in Mind

Minimize environmental impact by reducing waste from over-application of fertilizers and chemicals. Sveaverken's precision tools allow you to pinpoint exactly where inputs are needed, eliminating unnecessary runoff and protecting valuable water resources. This commitment to sustainable practices ensures a healthier environment for future generations.

Precision AgTech for Smarter Farming

  • Automatic Navigation

    By utilizing the latest in guidance systems, our products use sensors for real-time data to navigate autonomously, optimizing efficiency and safety on your farm.
  • GNSS Positioning

    Real-time Kinematic (RTK)
    Guide your tractor within a mere 2.5cm of its intended path.

    Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

    Obtain an accuracy of 5-10 cm without requiring a base station in remote or rural areas where the network is unreliable.
  • Farm Management System

    Interface with our leading management system to get a complete overview of your operations.

Stories from Happy Customers

“Before, we did everything with the tractor, which was fine, but we work on 75 cm row spacing, and now we have real precision. So, it saves us from overlapping and skipping and I think we've gained a little bit on all aspects. We've also made progress on planning because we know how to delineate our field boundaries.”

Xavier Picquart
“It helps a lot when using the rake to make straight rows of hay. That way the baler picks up the material more evenly and it's possible to not steer that much while making bales that much while making bales,"at night, which I consider a significant advantage. The feed pushing robot saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day.”
Bobby Sliva
Texas, USA
“The longer you sit on the tractor, the more you overlap, and with the system you always use the full working width.”
Hendrik Lindemann
“The driving and working is appropriate, easier, and way better with the GPS. You can work during the day and the night. It's easier to mark the routes and furrows in each lap. You work more comfortably, with less stress, reducing the effort to do your work.”
Agrícola Zagu

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