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Efficient, sustainable.

That's the aim of the game.

Discover what keeps Sveaverken ahead of the pack, with our industry-leading solutions that keep your herd happy and producing. Optimize and grow, with our innovative tech by your side.

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Less Work, More Life

Know Your Herd Like Never Before

Gain real-time insights into your cows' health, behavior, and even barn conditions. This information helps you make better choices about feeding, breeding, and overall care, leading to a healthier and more productive herd.

Peak Productivity

Work Smarter, Get More Done

Free up valuable time for managing your dairy by automating tasks like feed pushing and brushing. Focus on what matters most – your cows' well-being and your farm's success.

Greener Future

Healthy Cows Produce More Milk

Keep your cows happy and comfortable by monitoring activity, rumination, and vital signs, Sveaverken products enable early detection of health concerns and stress factors. Sveaverken helps you identify issues quickly, allowing you to take action and ensure your cows are producing at their best.

Truly Modern Herd Management

  • (Invisible)

  • Smart Feeding

    Pioneered in visual navigation, Sveaverken automatic feed-pushing robot ensures that the cows have enough feed intake, which leads to higher milk production and better cow health.
  • Herd Management

    Sveaverken smart cow collar offers precise heat detection and behavioral monitoring, giving you data-driven insights to optimize breeding programs and promptly identify potential illnesses.
  • Animal Welfare

    Sveaverken cow comfort system gives your animals a more comfortable and enjoyable leisure. It enables every single animal to have easy access to the comfortability.

Stories from Happy Customers

“Thanks to Nimbo, there is now a noticeable time difference. We no longer have to push feed in the stable in the evening. Pushing also takes place at night, which I consider a significant advantage. The feed pushing robot saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day.”
Achim Behrens Germany
“Since adopting MooCollar Bree, we reported an astounding 90% reduction in livestock diseases.”

HOB Indonesia
“The robot works great, feed intake has increased by 12%, so the gains will also go up. With Sveaverken’s timely online support, there’s no need to hire employees to do feed-pushing work.”
Łukasz Bober
“6 hours of daily manual sweeping work has been eliminated. The cows eat more and better now with higher feed consumption, and almost no feed is wasted anymore.”
Västerdala On West AB

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