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Guarding Cattle Health: The House of Barn Success Story with Sveaverken's MooCollar Bree

The livestock sector in Indonesia growing rapidly, playing a vital role in sustaining its expanding population. Beef holds significant importance in Indonesian cuisine, serving as an important protein source. With Indonesia's large and increasing population, rapid urbanization, and a majority Muslim demographic, the consumption of beef is on the rise, leading to a surge in demand for high-quality beef.

(Cattle farm in Indonesia) 

However, farms in Indonesia can't quite keep up with this growing appetite for beef, creating a gap that Indonesian cattle farmers are determined to fill. The government recognizes the importance of livestock in the country's economic development, implementing initiatives like subsidized loans to support farmers for either small-scale fattening or larger-scale cow-calf production.

House of Barn (HOB), a family-owned farm in Bogor, Indonesia, is dedicated to raising healthy cattle. HOB always striving to improve their herd management capabilities and animal well-being. Introduced by our branding experts, HOB learned about the Sveaverken MooCollar Bree and decided to give it a try.

Customer Background

Name: House of Barn (HOB)
Application Date: 27 Nov 2023
Location: Bogor, Indonesia
Bogor is a city in the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area on the island of Java. The island is the most densely populated in Indonesia. The favorable climate, easy access to transport, and the largest cattle herd in West Java make it a prime location for raising livestock.
Herd Size: 100 Cattle
The average herd size in an Indonesian dairy farm is less than 5, making HOB a relatively large-scale operation. 

(Cattle of the House of Barn)

Challenges in Managing Cattle Health

Like many cattle farmers, HOB has always prioritized the health of their cattle. Traditionally, Indonesian cattle farmers relied on visual observation and veterinarians for health monitoring. These veterinarians could be from the Department of Veterinary Medicine or experienced cattle handlers, known locally as "Mantri" (similar to district doctors). However, these traditional methods have limitations. Subtle changes in behavior or health indicators could go unnoticed, potentially leading to:
  • Delayed Diagnosis: Diseases might not be identified until they become serious, impacting cattle health and potentially spreading to the entire herd.
  • Reactive Management: Addressing health concerns becomes reactive rather than proactive, limiting preventative measures.
  • Unforeseen Production Fluctuations: Undiagnosed health issues can directly impact beef production, affecting overall farm profitability.

Facing the challenge of accurately gauging the health of their cattle, HOB sought a solution that would enable proactive interventions and enhance their overall herd management. HOB decided to try the Sveaverken MooCollar Bree, an innovative herd management solution providing real-time data and actionable cattle health insights. After using the Sveaverken MooCollar for a few months, HOB identified the following features as the most valuable: Health Alarm, Activity Monitoring, Rumination & Feed Intake, and Health Index.

HOB Values the Following Features of MooCollar Bree:

  • Health Alarms & Activity Monitoring: MooCollar Bree keeps a constant eye on each head of cattle, providing 24/7 monitoring. Instant alerts notify HOB's farm manager whenever an animal's health indicators deviate from the norm. This allows for swift interventions like targeted veterinary care or adjustments to feeding plans.
  • Rumination & Feed Intake: By monitoring rumination (chewing the cud) and feed intake patterns, HOB can gauge the nutritional health of individual bulls. Deviations in these patterns might indicate potential health issues or dietary preferences, prompting further investigation and adjustments to the herd's nutritional plans.
  • Health Index: This feature combines various vital data points like feed intake, rumination, and activity levels into a single, easy-to-understand metric. This allows HOB to quickly assess the overall health of each bull and the entire herd through a user-friendly app. A score below 75 (highlighted in yellow) indicates potential problems, enabling HOB to investigate and address issues promptly.

What The Workflow Looks Like in Day-to-day Operations

The MooCollar Bree app is a central hub for monitoring your herd's health (Figure 1). Upon opening the app, you'll see a clear overview of all key features: Estrus Work Orders, Work Orders, Calving, Miscarriage, Feed Intake Exception, Rumination Exception, and Health Alarm. 

You'll receive notifications for any issues with the cattle, such as health concerns or rumination alerts (Figure 2). By tapping into these notifications, you'll access detailed information about each head of cattle, including their activity, rumination, and feed intake data, compared to the median (Figure 3).

You can also find an overview chart that helps you identify trends over time (Figure 5). For instance, in the Rumination / Feeding Intake analysis charts, the light blue and dark blue curves depict the original levels of feeding and rumination, respectively. Meanwhile, the green and yellow curves indicate changes over a specific time period. Significant deviations in the change curve signal abnormalities in the cattle's feeding or rumination behavior.

The MooCollar Bree app also provides a Health Index for each head of cattle (Figure 4). The index is a score that represents the cattle's overall health level. It is calculated by analyzing the cattle’s activity level, rumination, and feeding behavior and comparing it with the cattle's historical data (usually from the last seven days). A score below 75 indicates a potential health issue, allowing you to prioritize cattle health checks and take necessary actions.

Transformative Outcomes

Since adopting MooCollar Bree, HOB reported an astounding 90% reduction in livestock diseases. The ability to apply real-time insights from the collar allowed HOB to proactively address health concerns, leading to a healthier and more productive herd.

Concluding Thoughts:

The story of House of Barn is a testament to the effectiveness of MooCollar Bree in ushering cattle management into the digital age. The significant reduction in disease, proactive health management, and positive impact on herd productivity highlight the tangible benefits of this innovative solution. The MooCollar Bree is a tool for farmers to tap into the power of data. With actionable insights, farmers can make more informed and immediate decisions to keep their herds healthy. When herd well-being can be actively monitored, farmers can focus on other value-added tasks, like growing their farm or just relaxing a bit more. With MooCollar Bree, farmers can not only improve their herd's health and productivity but also gain peace of mind.

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