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Success Stories

Noticeable Time and Money Savings, Behrens Family's Story from Germany

"Thanks to the feed pushing robot, there is now a noticeable time difference. We no longer have to push feed in the stable in the evening. It saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day," said Achim Behrens.

Feed Intake Increased by 12%, Łukasz's Story from Poland

"The robot works great, feed intake has increased by 12%, so the gains will also go up," commented Łukasz. He also noted that with Sveaverken’s timely online support, there’s no need to hire employees to do feed-pushing work.

RoboPusher Nimbo to Västerdala Farm - A Choice Based on Long-standing Trust in Sveaverken

"6 hours of daily manual sweeping work has been eliminated. The cows eat more and better now with higher feed consumption, and almost no feed is wasted anymore," the farm owner of Västerdala On West AB in Äppelbo, Sweden.

About Sveaverken

Sveaverken AB

Established in Sweden in 1911, Sveaverken focuses on IoT products and smart automation solutions for a wide range of fields, including field precision farming, digitalized animal husbandry, industrial robot, and lawn management.

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