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Success Stories

RoboPusher Pro Contributed to Smart Farming Management

"The feed pushing robot is more accurate and efficient than manual operation. Smart management is the future direction of farming."
- Wang Shuang, deputy head of Beijing Sunlon Livestock

cow tracker

MooCollar Boosted Productivity of Dairy Farm

"It is very evident that the conception rate is higher, in the traditional way there are expenses that the producer does not take into account." 
- Rafael Medina, a Bolivia dairy farm owner

F100: David's First Foray into Precision Farming

"Swedish design at an affordable price for more productivity and higher performance thanks to its high precision." 
- David, A Spanish agricultural companies owner

About Sveaverken

Sveaverken AB

Established in Sweden in 1911, Sveaverken focuses on IoT products and smart automation solutions for a wide range of fields, including field precision farming, digitalized animal husbandry and lawn management.

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