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Sveaverken Blix Robotic Lawn Mower

Fresh-looking Lawn
without the Hard Work


Keep your grass short, clean, and healthy.

Blix stands ready to cut your lawn whenever you need, ensuring a lush, green lawn all season long. It leaves behind short grass clippings as a natural fertilizer, nourishing your grass and promoting healthier growth. The grass is truly greener here!


Seriously accurate trims.

With the latest in cutting-edge sensor fusion technology, Blix learns the layout of your yard with dynamic obstacle detection and avoidance, as well as autonomous path planning.

The latest in smart technology.

Schedule automatic mowing tasks, customize mowing patterns, and more with Sveaverken's exclusive app, with free lifetime firmware updates!

Unbox, map, then mow.


No wires or base stations.

Drive the mower around your yard to create virtual work zones and no-go zones. No digging up and maintaining perimeter wires, or setting up base stations to catch satellite signals that may be spotty.


Full environmental awareness.

The LiDAR sensor enables Blix to create a 3D point cloud map of your yard that helps it navigate, plan mowing paths, mow accurately, and return to charge on its own.

To mow or not to mow...

Blix recognizes grass and understands where it should work.
This means it won’t go into schebushes, driveways, flowerbeds, trampolines, or anything that’s not your lawn!
Vision 1

Sit back and relax. It's handled.

Use smart scheduling to let Blix work completely autonomously. Set custom schedules through the app, and watch Blix handle the rest.

Your lawn, your rules.

Customize mowing heights and speed to ensure your lawn gets the love it deserves. Choose from different mowing patterns to ensure health, all monitored from your phone.

Raining? Blix takes a break.

A rain sensor lets Blix know when to skip scheduled mowing tasks.


Easy to clean.

IPX5 water resistance for Blix makes cleaning a breeze. Simply spray down with a garden hose² to clean off any debris!



Streamlined blade care.

Quickly swap out the blade assembly by removing the cutting deck. Unscrew to rotate or replace blades. These retract to guard against damage from minor impacts too, like rocks or twigs.

Terrain-adaptive cutting.

Blix handles slopes up to 65% or 33°, with the cutting deck adapting to contours of your lawn, protecting the grass.


Wheels of green fortune.

Blix's wheels are engineered to navigate sloped terrain effortlessly. Install wheel spikes to prevent slipping on wet grass and ensure stability on inclines.

¹ Images for illustration only. LiDAR and vision data not accessible to users or Sveaverken unless permissions granted for troubleshooting. Blix uses this data to navigate, plan paths, and avoid obstacles. Actual performance may vary.

² Spray water from any angle, with a pressure lower than 30 kPa, and a distance of 3 meters.


Mowing Capabilities

Mowing Capacity
3000 m² or 32291.73 sq ft
Max Slope
65% or 33°
Cutting Width
255 mm or 10 inches
Positioning Technology
LiDAR + RGB Vision Sensor Fusion
Cutting Height
10-50 mm or 0.4-2 inches
Physical Attributes

Sensors and Safety

Connectivity and Control

Battery and Runtime

Accessories list

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