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Sveaverken F10​0 Auto Steer System

Accuracy every time. ±2.5cm.

Ditch the guesswork and achieve high precision with the F100's ±2.5cm accuracy. Our advanced navigation system keeps you on track, even in low-light conditions. Now you can focus on what matters – a productive and efficient harvest!

Your lines, your way. Flexible guidance lines.

The F100 gives you complete control over your guidance lines. Choose from a variety of options to perfectly suit your needs.

Built to conquer any terrain.

Don't let uneven ground throw you off course. Sveaverken's F100 includes automatic terrain compensation, able to adjust for slopes and bumps, ensuring your lines stay precise – no matter the field conditions. Focus on maximizing yield, even on challenging terrain.

Integrates seamlessly.

Forget messing with settings every time you switch implements. The F100's Asset Library stores all your equipment details, including tractors, planters, sprayers, and more. With a few clicks, you'll have the right settings for perfect guidance, saving you time and ensuring accuracy every time you head out to the field.

Simple and intuitive design.

Keep things clear and easy with a user-friendly interface designed for busy farmers. There's lots to love with F100, including quick switching between guidance lines, 2D or 3D views, all in a modern, easy-to-use package. That's a promise!

Smart field management keeps you organized.

Don't waste time sketching on paper. F100's field management system lets you create profiles for each field, storing boundaries, guidance lines, and completed tasks. Access historical information to plan future work and track progress over time. Analyze your field data to make smarter choices about planting, fertilizing, and harvesting.

*Advanced mode needed

Smooth, easy u-turns with precision.

Basic U-turn:  Both the Ω-shape and fish-tail turning paths provide efficient ways for one-click turnaround at limited space in the field.

Smart U-turn:  Go hands-free from start to finish with Smart U-turn.

Boost your F100 with powerful accessories.

  • Wi-Fi Camera

    Eliminate blind spots and ditch the neck strain. Add a Wi-Fi camera (optional, sold separately) for a clear view of what's behind your vehicle, all streamed directly to your control panel.
  • Full Wireless Control

    Sometimes the screen is just out of reach. Use wireless easy control no matter your position in the cab.
  • NMEA Compatibility

    Need to share precise location data with other equipment? No problem! The F100 works seamlessly with NMEA (requires cable) to keep your implements perfectly in sync.

Brings results all-year round.


Works with all your gear.



John Deere


New Holland

Massey Ferguson

Stories from Happy Customers

“Before, we did everything with the tractor, which was fine, but we work on 75 cm row spacing, and now we have real precision. So, it saves us from overlapping and skipping and I think we've gained a little bit on all aspects. We've also made progress on planning because we know how to delineate our field boundaries.”

Xavier Picquart
“It helps a lot when using the rake to make straight rows of hay. That way the baler picks up the material more evenly and it's possible to not steer that much while making bales”

Bobby Sliva
Texas, USA
“The longer you sit on the tractor, the more you overlap, and with the system you always use the full working width.”

Hendrik Lindemann
“The driving and working is appropriate, easier, and way better with the GPS. You can work during the day and the night. It's easier to mark the routes and furrows in each lap. You work more comfortably, with less stress, reducing the effort to do your work.”
Agrícola Zagu


Control Terminal

275×180×40 mm
10.1'' inches >500nits LED screen;
1280 × 800 pixels

Power Supply
Operating Temperature
-20 ℃ – 70 ℃
Storage Temperature
-40 ℃ – 85 ℃
Waterproof & Dustproof
IP 65
GNSS Receiver

Electric Steering Wheel

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