Visual Navigation

Compact Design

Real-time Remote Monitoring

Fast Charging and Automatic Recharge

High-power Motor

Easy Maintenance



Visual Navigation

As the pioneer of visual navigation technology in the industry, Sveaverken further changes how feed pushing robots work. Visual navigation is more advanced, adaptable, and easier to deploy, thus reducing labor input while improving economic benefits greatly. With deeply optimized algorithms and the ultrasonic module, the RoboPusher Nimbo is able to identify obstacles and adjust its travel routes automatically, ensuring highly efficient feed pushing.

Compact Design

The robot features a compact design with a newly developed small-sized charging station, requiring less room for deployment. The installation is much easier and more convenient. This minimizes the construction work for farms when deploying the robot, as the charging station and the robot itself can be installed within cowhouses. Thanks to its small body, the robot takes up less space on the feeding alley and therefore fits small and medium sized farms better.

compact design feed pusher


Real-time Remote Monitoring

Barn images can be sent back in real time to an IoT platform where you can monitor the robot and check the herd at any time. You can remotely control the robot and set its parameters such as operating hours if necessary. The platform follows simple and clear operation logic and is easy to use and learn.


Fast Charging & Automatic Recharge

The robot comes standard with a newly developed 48 V 40 Ah ternary lithium battery. The charger offers fast and efficient automatic charging. Once the robot finishes feed pushing, it will automatically return to the charging station for re-charging. This function ensures that the robot can work for over 16 hours per day, which making it perfect for small and medium sized farms requiring multiple times of feed pushing every day.


High-power Motor

The robot uses new 400 W high-power brushless motors and adopts a newly self-developed motor controller. It has been optimized based on scenarios of small and medium sized farms to deliver a higher drive torque, making the whole system more reliable.

Easy Maintenance

With an innovative modular design, the robot requires no special maintenance for its main parts. The combination of a new quick-release roller and self-cleaning charging plates further reduces the maintenance frequency and difficulty. The routine maintenance work will no longer be a trouble for farmers. This not only improves efficiency greatly, but also minimizes labor input and reduces farm operating costs.

modular design feeding robot

Product Specification

Model: SCP300

Diameter: 1080 mm

Height: 1120 mm (Working), 665 mm (Transporting)

Weight: 410 kg

Max. Travel Speed: 18 m/min

Max. Slope: 6°

Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 50℃

Number of Wheels: 3

Driving Wheel: 2*Ø250*80 mm

Navigation: Visual Navigation + Magnetic Nail

Obstacle Avoidance: Visual

Driving Motor

Quantity: 2
Power: 400 W


Battery Type: Ternary Lithium Battery
Normal Voltage: 48 V
Capacity: 40 Ah

Charging Station

Input Voltage: 220 V
Input Frequency: 45 ~ 65 Hz
Output Voltage: 48 V

Customer Cases

Noticeable Time and Money Savings, Behrens Family's Story from Germany

"Thanks to the feed pushing robot, there is now a noticeable time difference. We no longer have to push feed in the stable in the evening. It saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day," said Achim Behrens.

Feed Intake Increased by 12%, Łukasz's Story from Poland

"The robot works great, feed intake has increased by 12%, so the gains will also go up," commented Łukasz. He also noted that with Sveaverken’s timely online support, there’s no need to hire employees to do feed-pushing work.

RoboPusher Nimbo to Västerdala Farm - A Choice Based on Long-standing Trust in Sveaverken

"6 hours of daily manual sweeping work has been eliminated. The cows eat more and better now with higher feed consumption, and almost no feed is wasted anymore," the farm owner of Västerdala On West AB in Äppelbo, Sweden.

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