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Self-navigating with visual technology

Meet the next step in smart feed management. Nimbo is your smart, automated feed pusher, designed with the latest in navigation technology. Easy to deploy, the Nimbo reduces labor effortlessly identifies obstacles and adjusts its travel routes on the fly, ensuring top-notch efficiency in feed distribution.

Compact design for maximum efficiency

The robot features a compact design with a newly developed small-sized charging station, requiring less room for deployment. The installation is much easier and more convenient. This minimizes the construction work for farms when deploying the robot, as the charging station and the robot itself can be installed within cowhouses. Thanks to its small body, the robot takes up less space on the feeding alley and therefore fits small and medium sized farms better.


Stay connected with real-time remote monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse with Nimbo! Monitor operations from anywhere with real-time remote monitoring support. Thanks to a smart IoT platform, you can receive live barn images, monitor the Nimbo's performance, and check on your herd anytime. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it straightforward to use. You can even adjust the robot’s settings remotely, such as operating hours, ensuring that everything runs just as you need it - no fuss.


Efficient energy management

Nimbo comes equipped with complete automatic and fast charging support, designed to keep up with the demanding pace of farm life. A state-of-the-art 48V 40Ah lithium battery and an efficient charging system quickly powers your Nimbo back to full strength. After completing a feed push, the robot automatically returns to its charging station to recharge, ensuring it’s always ready for its next task. This reliable setup supports over 16 hours of continuous operation daily, ideal for farms that require multiple feedings throughout the day.


High-power motors that keep on pushing

Power through your farm duties with the Nimbo's high-power 400W brushless motors. Featuring a specially developed motor controller, Nimbo has been carefully designed to handle the unique challenges of small and medium-sized farms. The result? A robust drive system that delivers higher torque and better reliability, ensuring your feed pushing tasks are completed consistently and effectively.

Easy maintenance that keeps your farm moving

Maintaining the Nimbo is straightforward thanks to its innovative modular design. The main components require minimal upkeep, with a quick-release roller and self-cleaning charging plates that decrease both the frequency and difficulty of maintenance. This user-friendly approach not only saves valuable time but also reduces labor costs, enhancing your farm’s overall productivity, while keeping costs down.



1080 mm
1120 mm (Working)
665 mm (Transporting)
410 kg
Max. Travel Speed
18 m/min
Max. Slope

Working Temperature
-20℃ ~ 50℃
Number of Wheels
Driving Wheel
2 × Ø250 × 80 mm
Visual Navigation + Magnetic Nail
Obstacle Avoidance
Driving Motor


Charging Station

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