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Better Cleaning Starts Here

Sveaverken's latest cleaning robots bring sweeping efficiency to your operation, with a truly hands-off experience that delivers every time.

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Less Work, More Life

Cleaning Routines with Unmatched Efficiency

Industrial cleaning robots are engineered to automate routine tasks, delivering unparalleled efficiency and consistency with minimal human intervention. This transformative technology empowers businesses of all sizes to optimize both operations and cleaning standards.

Peak Productivity

Optimize Your Workforce, Minimize Expenditure

Automated cleaning solutions enable businesses to optimize staffing levels and redeploy workers to higher-value activities, and lead to significant cost savings by reducing labor costs, and minimizing waste, enhancing competitiveness in the face of cost pressures.

Greener Future

Intelligent Cleaning Management Platform

Equipped with advanced data tracking and reporting capabilities, our cleaning robots provide valuable insights that empower companies to plan more accurately for resource use. Integrated with a robust digital management platform, these intelligent systems offer centralized control, remote monitoring, and seamless coordination across multiple cleaning zones, enabling businesses to streamline operations, optimize workforce utilization, and drive continuous improvement in cleaning performance.

Clean Tech Powers Clean Facilities

  • Workflow

  • Mapping and Navigation

    Robots that use LiDAR and camera sensors to create a precise map of their environment.
  • Smart Scheduling & Tasking

    Control the robots right from your smartphone! Set cleaning schedules for specific times and days, or create one-time cleaning tasks for designated areas.
  • Autonomous Cleaning

    Once programmed, the robots will navigate your space independently, cleaning floors with their powerful vacuum and mop system. They can avoid obstacles and S100 can even handle automatic charging when needed.
  • Detailed Cleaning Reports

    The app provides post-cleaning reports that include cleaning duration, distance covered, cleaning paths taken, and other useful data.
  • Fleet Management (S100)

    For larger areas, the S100 model allows you to manage multiple robots simultaneously through the app, deploying them strategically for efficient cleaning across buildings.

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