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Reliability you can count on.

Sveaverken has a long and successful history of providing dependable mechanical solutions for farms of all sizes. Our mechanical solutions are renowned for their durability, functionality, and ease of use, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

livestock farming

We offer a variety of mechanical products that automate tasks like feeding, cleaning, welfare, and manure management . Each category caters to specific farm needs, helping you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance animal comfort.

Auger Systems

Efficient and reliable grain and feed transportation solutions, featuring the versatile SVEA Allround series, Seep, Flex, and more. From horizontal and vertical to inclined augers, we have options suitable for various agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Svea Allround Auger
  • Svea Sweep Auger


Safe and hygienic storage solutions for your feed with our high-quality silos. Offered in a range of sizes (8 - 31m³), these silos prioritize feed flow and minimize leakage.

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Manure Management

Maintain a clean and healthy barn environment with our diverse manure scraper and manure pump options. Choose from various types of scrapers (rope, wire, chain, hydraulic) and pumps designed for automatic manure handling and optimized recycling.
  • Manure Scraper
  • Manure Pump

Ventilation Systems

Ensure proper air circulation and a healthy environment for your livestock with our ventilation solutions. We offer both natural and mechanical ventilation systems, featuring efficient fans, automatic temperature control, and insulating ducts to prevent condensation.
natural ventilation

Natural Ventilation

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mechanical ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation

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cow scratcher

Cow Comfort Equipment

We're big fans of keeping your cows happy. Explore our selection of cow comfort products, including back scratchers, rotating brushes, and drinking bowl and rail systems for tethered milking.

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Sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions designed for farm environments. Improve cow health and milk production with properly adapted lighting that can be controlled automatically or via mobile application.

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