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Feed Intake Increased by 12%, Łukasz's Story from Poland

Łukasz is a successful farmer and entrepreneur in Poland. He runs an agricultural farm with 300 cattle and provides herd management solutions for other farmers in his area. He has recently adopted a new technology that has transformed his dairy farming, RoboPusher Nimbo, an automatic feed pusher from Sveaverken, a Swedish company that specializes in smart farming solutions.

"The robot works great, feed intake has increased by 12%, so the gains will also go up", commented Łukasz. He also noted that with Sveaverken’s timely online support, there’s no need to hire employees to do feed-pushing work.


Łukasz's farm, Gospodarstwo Rolne Cebula Łukasz, is located in Lgota Wielka, a village in Radomsko County of central Poland. Born and raised there, Łukasz has always been passionate about farming and animal husbandry. He has invested in modern equipment and facilities to improve the quality and efficiency of his farm.

Through long-term contact with the surrounding farmers, Łukasz has also accumulated a lot of farming resources and expertise. He has established a network of cooperation and mutual support among the local farmers. He often shares his experience with them and provides them with herd management solutions, such as feed advice, health monitoring, and barn equipment.

Challenge: High wages and low feed intake

Despite his efforts and achievements, Łukasz still faced some challenges in his cattle barn.

One of them was finding staff to push feed for his cattle day and night. Feed pushing is an important task that ensures that the cattle have access to fresh and nutritious feed at all times. It also prevents feed waste and improves feed efficiency. However, it was a headache for him for a long time. And, Łukasz had to pay high wages and deal with problems of missed pushing at night and delayed pushing sometimes.

Another challenge was the low feed intake of his cattle. Feed intake is a key factor that affects the growth, health, and milk production of dairy cows. However, Łukasz observed that his cattle were not eating enough and their feed intake was below the optimal level. This resulted in slow growth and low milk yield.

Łukasz knew that he had to find a solution to these challenges. He wanted to improve the feed intake of his cattle and replace the manual job. He also wanted to make his work easier and more enjoyable.

Solution: Smart robot releases human labor

On August 25th, 2023, Łukasz decided to turn the situation around. He deployed RoboPusher Nimbo in his cattle barn. This robotic feed pusher travels automatically according to a preset schedule. It uses an HD camera like the machine has eyes that can navigate the feeding alley and the cattle eating feed.

Łukasz ordered RoboPusher Nimbo from Sveaverken and received it within two weeks. In simple module design, he installed it himself with the help of Sveaverken's online guidance. He just had to install a row of magnetic nails on the way to the charging pile and connect it to a power outlet. Then he set up the feeding schedule on his laptop. RoboPusher Nimbo started working right away. It pushed feed for Łukasz's cattle every hour during the day and night.

Benefits: Barn profits increased

Łukasz was amazed by the cow barn feeding robot’s performance. He observed that his cattle ate more and better than before, as their feed intake increased by 12 percent. This also led to higher gains and milk production.

By using RoboPusher Nimbo, Łukasz also saved a lot of time and cost. He no longer had to hire workers to do feed pushing or worry about their performance and reliability.

Moreover, the cow feeding robot made Łukasz's barn work much easier and more enjoyable. He could focus on other businesses and spend more time with his family and friends. He also felt more relaxed and satisfied with his dairy farming.

Result: Dealership in progress

Łukasz introduced RoboPusher Nimbo to other farmers who were looking for a reliable and efficient robotic feed pusher. He showed them how it worked and improved his farm gains. He also shared his positive feedback and experience with them.

As he interacted with more farmers, he noticed a huge potential market for automatic feed pushers in Poland. He realized that many farmers faced the same challenges as he did, such as labor shortage, feed waste, and low milk yield. He also observed that there was a growing demand for smart farming solutions in the country that could help farmers optimize their operations and reduce their costs.

Inspired by the technology and the service of Sveaverken, Łukasz applied to become a distributor of RoboPusher Nimbo in Poland. He believed this was a great opportunity for him to expand his business and for the Polish dairy industry to adopt smart farming solutions.

Łukasz is very satisfied with the performance of RoboPusher Nimbo. He says that it has improved the productivity and profitability of his farm. He also praises the customer service and technical support of Sveaverken, which he says are always responsive and helpful. He recommends RoboPusher Nimbo to other farmers who are looking for a reliable and efficient feed pusher. He believes that RoboPusher Nimbo is the future of dairy farming.

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