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Noticeable Time and Money Savings, Behrens Family's Story from Germany

In the Idyllic East Frisian Countryside, where the Dutch Border Meets the Heart of Germany, the Behrens Family Cultivates a Generational Love for Dairy Farming.

Achim Behrens, alongside his parents and two dedicated trainees, orchestrates a flourishing dairy business boasting a herd of approximately 220 cows. Their unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in an impressive herd average of 10,500 kilograms per cow.

Nestled in East Frisia's green expanse, the Behrens family farm is a dynamic testament to sustainable farming. With a focus on arable land, where golden waves of silage maize dance, they proudly manage their entire harvest and foreign trade. Close-knit to their farmstead, their hands-on lifestyle embodies self-sufficiency—the pulse of their operation. In the Behrens story, every field tells a tale, every trade deal a family affair—a living ode to farming finesse in East Frisia's heart.


A Glimpse into Daily Life on the Behrens Farm

The day on the Behrens farm begins at the break of dawn, with milking sessions commencing at quarter to six in the morning and repeating in the afternoon. With cows housed in the stable year-round, the family's commitment to the well-being of their herd is evident. The cows enjoy deep stalls filled with sawdust, and the paved floors enhance the overall comfort of their living quarters.

Introducing Innovation: The Sveaverken RoboPusher Nimbo

One of the challenges faced by the Behrens family was the labor-intensive task of manually pushing feed for the cattle, particularly during late evenings. This challenge led them to explore innovative solutions, and their encounter with Sveaverken's feed pushing robot proved to be a game-changer.

After a convincing demonstration by Sveaverken, the Behrens family decided to invest in the feed pushing robot, and the results have been transformative. The feed pushing robot automates the feed-pushing process, ensuring that lower-ranking cows and new heifers always have access to fresh food, even during late evenings and nights.

Achim Behrens notes, "Thanks to the feed pushing robot, there is now a noticeable time difference. We no longer have to push feed in the stable in the evening. Pushing also takes place at night, which I consider a significant advantage. The feed pushing robot saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day."

dairy farming in Germany

Easy Installation, Reliable Performance

The installation of the RoboPusher Nimbo from Sveaverken was seamless, taking only a few hours. The user-friendly device has been in operation for a while already, with no reported issues. The Behrens family appreciates the reliability and efficiency of the feed pushing robot, emphasizing that it is designed for long-lasting performance.

"The technicians were here for about two or three hours until the device was up and running. We have been using the device for a while already and have not had any problems so far. The device runs reliably," Achim Behrens remarks.

A Wise Investment in Efficiency

For the Behrens family, the decision to incorporate the Sveaverken RoboPusher Nimbo was not only driven by the promise of time savings but also by the commitment to ensuring that every cow has access to fresh feed around the clock. The technology's ease of use, coupled with its competitive pricing, made it a logical choice for the forward-thinking dairy farm.

As the Behrens family continues their legacy of dairy farming, the Sveaverken RoboPusher Nimbo stands as a symbol of how technology can seamlessly integrate with tradition, elevating agricultural practices to new heights.

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