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Established in Sweden in 1911, Sveaverken focuses on IoT products and smart automation solutions for a wide range of fields, including field precision farming, digitalized animal husbandry, and automated vertical farming.
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Elektrikli İnek Fırçası

RoboPusher Nimbo

Smart with Visual Navigation, Compact for Better Feeding

  • Visual Navigation
  • Compact Design
  • Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • Fast Charging and Automatic Recharge
  • High-power Motor
  • Easy Maintenance
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RoboPusher Pro

Automatic Visual Navigation Feed Pushing Robot

  • Visual Navigation Enables Smart Obstacle Avoidance
  • Real-time Remote Monitoring
  • 2.5h Fully Automatic Charging for 22h Constant Feed Pushing
  • High-efficiency Feed Pushing Speed at 18m/min
  • Automatic Round-the-clock Operation
  • Easy Deployment
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MooCollar S2

Cow Collar for Positioning and Activity Monitoring

  • Flexible and Versatile
  • Precise Positioning
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Equipment Status Monitoring
  • Virtual Fencing
  • Removal Alarm
  • Long Battery Life
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Sveaverken Brush

Designed for Cow Comfort

  • Effective Grooming
  • Durability
  • Easy Start/Stop
  • Power Saving
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About Seaverken

With a heritage of over a hundred years, Sveaverken Svea Agri AB has a long tradition of driving innovations in the farming and husbandry sectors in the Nordic region.

Today, Sveaverken is devoted to transforming the traditional agriculture industry to a more sustainable one by reducing greenhouse gas emission, reducing the usage of fertilizer and pesticide, and improving farmers’ working conditions.


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