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A Legacy of Innovation Across Industries

precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Explore our cutting-edge technologies that optimize efficiency, increase crop yields, and improve sustainability throughout the seasons.

animal farming

Animal Farming

Learn how our heritage in mechanical products revolutionized animal farming, paving the way for modern solutions including automated feed-pushing robots.

lawn mower


Discover robotic lawn mowers that keep your lawn looking green and lush without the noise, stink, and effort of mowing.

commercial robots

Commercial Robots

Find out how you can empower your cleaning crews with robots that keep spaces spotless autonomously.

Why Sveaverken

Less Work, More Life

Less Work, More Life

Spend more time living, not working. Precision farming tools, automated herd management, and effortless property maintenance give you back precious time to enjoy life.

Peak Productivity

Peak Productivity

Don't let complex technology hold you back. Our user-friendly solutions seamlessly integrate with your workflow. Increase your yield, manage your herd with ease, and take the hassle out of property upkeep.

Greener Future

A Greener Future

We believe in responsible farming and property management practices that ensure a thriving future for generations to come. Our solutions empower you to achieve success and leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Stories from Happy Customers

“Thanks to Nimbo, there is now a noticeable time difference. We no longer have to push feed in the stable in the evening. Pushing also takes place at night, which I consider a significant advantage. The feed pushing robot saves us at least about one to one and a half hours of work every day.”
Achim Behrens Germany
“Since adopting MooCollar Bree, we reported an astounding 90% reduction in livestock diseases. The real-time insights from the collar allow us to proactively address health concerns. We can see a healthier and more productive herd.”
House of Barn Indonesia
“The robot works great, feed intake has increased by 12%, so the gains will also go up. I no longer have to hire workers to do feed pushing or worry about their performance and reliability. I have more time for other businesses, my family and friends.”
Łukasz Cebula
“Before, we did everything with the tractor, which was fine, but we work on 75 cm row spacing, and now we have real precision. So, it saves us from overlapping and skipping and I think we've gained a little bit on all aspects. We've also made progress on planning because we know how to delineate our field boundaries.”
Xavier Picquart


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robotic lawn mower
New Launch
Tender Loving Care For Your Lawn Has Never Been So Easy
We are putting a fresh spin on lawn care. Sveaverken has provided reliable tools to those who care for animals, food, and our living spaces, and we're excited to introduce our latest innovation: the Sveaverken RoboMower Series - autonomous lawn care robots that will transform how you mow your lawn.
29 Apr - 3 May 2024
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
Precision Agriculture & Animal Farming
Sveaverken Shines At Agrishow 2024
Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, May 6th, 2024 - Sveaverken wrapped up a successful showing at Agrishow 2024, held from April 29th to May 3rd.
13 Feb - 17 Feb 2024
Zaragoza, Spain
Precision Agriculture & Animal Farming
Sveaverken Unveils Innovative Agricultural Solutions At FIMA 2024
Zaragoza, Spain, February 13, 2024 - Sveaverken made a splash at FIMA 2024 to explore the latest innovative agricultural solutions.

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