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Marketing Projects Rebate Application

Dear Sveaverken Channel Partner,

Welcome to our new application form. This form allows you to submit one marketing project (Events or Advertisements) at once. If you have more than one project you can submit the form as many times as needed.

Note: Content Projects like Webinars, Videos, or Articles do not require to be filled in this form and can be submitted directly on the Marketing Activities Results Form.

Amount in USD (Euros € for Europe-based partners).
For business or industry media channels, marketing materials, or any other advertising project please select Other, and provide more details on the next question.
Provide Industry Media link or any other supporting information about this channel. For marketing materials type "none".
If Other, please specify the project scope in the next question.
Please provide more details to help us evaluate your project.
Upload supporting files such as detailed event plans, booth design, tradeshow prospectus, and quotes to support your application.