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Mianyang Nanjiao Airport Deploys Sveabot™ D200 to Keep Passengers Safe During Pandemic
With it's long battery life and ultra-fast charging, our spray disinfection robot is the best choice to keep passengers safe 24/7


Mianyang Nanjiao Airport (hereinafter Mianyang Airport), which opened in 2001, is the second-largest airport in its province. Its 26,000㎡ terminal welcomes more than 2 million passengers annually.


With a 26,000 ㎡ terminal, the airport requires at least 4 rounds of disinfection each day to ensure the health and safety of staff and tourists, especially during the pandemic. However, meeting the strict disinfection requirements was a challenge due to the airport's large area and labor shortage. That's when Mianyang Airport turned to Sveabot and its D200 Spray Disinfection Robot to take over the tedious task of around-the-clock disinfection so that their airport staff is able to focus on their regular duties.


Using an app to schedule tasks, Sveabot™ D200 starts disinfection automatically at the designated time. With a runtime of 5 hours and a recharge time of only 3 hours, the robots can manage all disinfection work seamlessly and efficiently throughout the day. The non-toxic disinfectant and obstacle avoidance features ensure that disinfection work does not interrupt the daily operation of the airport at all. With a disinfection rate of up to 99%, the robots grant ultimate disinfection, meeting even the strictest standards. Moreover, automated operation and digital management enable disinfection work to be done with only one operator, greatly saving up to 66% in labor costs.


Thanks to Sveabot and its D200 Spray Disinfection Robot, Mianyang Airport can maintain a safe and healthy environment for its staff and tourists during the pandemic and beyond, while saving nearly 66% on its labor costs. 

PRODUCT:  Sveabot™ D200 Spray Disinfection Robot

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