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The Cow Brush Became White Rhinos' Favorite Toy at Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo

Ever since founded, Sveaverken has been committed to helping our users manage their farms, and create a clean, friendly, and sustainable green herd management industry. We also care about the well-being and survival of animals, and we want to make their lives better and create more friendly breeding conditions for them in limited spaces. That’s why we designed the Electric Cow Brush, a product that enhances the welfare of dairy cows.

cattle brush
(A farm in Xinjiang with a cattle brush installed)

But we didn’t stop there. We wondered if other animals could enjoy our cow brush, too. So, we reached out to Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo and visited the elephant house, rhinoceros house, and hippo house. We communicated with the animal keepers of each house about the animals’ habits and the facilities in the houses. In the end, we decided to install the automatic cow brush in the white rhino pavilion as a present.

In this article, we’ll share with you how we made this happen, what benefits our cow brush brings to animals, and what other types of animals can use it. Read on to find out more!

From the farm to the zoo: the versatility of the cow brush machine

Sveaverken team has installed cow brush machines on many farms and was surrounded by cows before, but still, they felt a bit nervous when we faced these rhinos. Considering the particularity of the installation scenario, the engineer discussed specifically the plan with the person in charge of Hongshan Forest Zoo. The team learned that the three baby rhinos were temporarily living in the elephant pavilion and sharing the outdoor playground with elephants. So, we can only install the automatic cow brush indoors, and transfer them after the rhinos are moved indoors.

Considering the habits of rhinos, the massage brush should be installed next to the places where they exercise and sleep so that they could easily access our cow brush machine. In addition, in terms of installation height, as rhinos are still in a stage of rapid development, the rotating brush needs to match their height for at least six months to ensure that it can be pushed against by the rhinos’ shoulder blade and head. It took us only one hour of hard work to get the massage brush installed after the plan was determined, and the rhinos couldn't wait to come in and push against it.

cow brush installation
(Wall-mounted cattle brush installation process)

The result was amazing. The white rhinos loved our cattle brush. They had fun brushing their skin. The cattle brush not only made them more relaxed but also pleased. We were thrilled to see our product bring joy and comfort to these animals.

livestock comfort brush
(One of the white rhinos is having skincare with the Sveaverken cow brush)

The benefits of grooming brush to captive wildlife

Grooming brush is a simple but effective way to enhance the well-being of captive wildlife. They help to keep them clean, comfortable, stimulated, and healthy, making their captivity more bearable and enjoyable.

One of the benefits of grooming brushes for captive wildlife is better hygiene. By brushing their skin regularly, they can remove dirt and debris that may cause infections or irritations on their skin and coat. This helps them maintain a healthy and clean appearance.

Another benefit is increased comfort and enrichment. Grooming brushes can mimic the natural grooming behaviors that animals like rhinos experience in the wild, such as rubbing against trees or other rhinos. This can make them feel relaxed and happy and provide them with a new and interesting object to explore.

Grooming brushes also allow keepers to monitor the health of the animals more closely. By getting close to them and touching them with a brush, they can check for any signs of injury or illness that may need attention. This can help to prevent serious health problems and ensure the animals receive proper care.

Why Caring for Animals Matters

Keeping captive wildlife healthy and happy is a top priority for zoos and other animal care facilities. One simple yet effective way to achieve this goal is through the regular use of livestock brush/cow scratcher. We are happy to see that the automatic brush became the three baby rhinos’ favorite toy, and they are loving it! At limited space, we try our best to make them live more comfortable and decent lives. This is our unchanging original intention. We hope that the baby rhinos will grow up strong.

Sveaverken automatic cow brush has the industry’s best 35rpm speed and is equipped with a highly sensitive tilt sensor for automatic start-stop and delayed shutoff, providing animals with an optimally comfortable, and ultimate massage experience.

If you would like to send this massage brush as a gift for your animals to experience optimal grooming, or know more about our product, feel free to contact our sales team or get a free quote right away!

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