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Benefits of Partnering with Sveaverken

At Sveaverken, we believe there's a big market for tools that make workdays easier. Our goal is to create a world where work is fulfilling, empowering, and impactful without being physically taxing. Our global dealer network has been instrumental bringing advanced technology to farmers, maintenance crews, homeowners, and beyond.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Stand out in the market by offering your customers high-quality, innovative products that improve efficiency and productivity across industries.

Comprehensive Support

Enjoy dedicated support from Sveaverken, including technical assistance, marketing resources, and a robust user engagement program to help you succeed.

Sustainable Growth

Joining Sveaverken's global dealer network not only offers immediate business opportunities but also ensures sustainable, long-term growth. We prioritize building lasting partnerships based on transparency and mutual benefits.

Testimonials from Our Dealers

"Sveaverken/Sveabot is there for you. That's the main thing. That means that you can develop together. You can communicate. And they listen. Sveabot is a new kind of partner where you can solve problems together. And I've not seen that anywhere else."
Finn Schmidt Holm
Curant Teknik, Denmark
"F100 auto steering kit is developing quite well in France, and the Nimbo feed pusher robot has a great market. And, Sveaverken sales support is very timely, I am happy with it."
Kevin Richard
Intrax, France
"The Nimbo was a good addition to our product portfolio that adds new income to our business, and we are happy with the support from Sveaverken to send leads our way."
Kristof Naessens
Distrifarm BVBA, Belgium


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