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Heat detection accuracy

Behavior monitoring

decision making


1 km
Gateway coverage

7+ years
Battery life

Easy installation
and deployment

at your fingertips


Stress-free Heat Management

Never Miss a Heat

Act fast and confidently when a cow or heifer is in heat. The MooCollar Bree gives you 98% certainty by monitoring the herd's activity levels, feeding and rumination patterns. Get updates every 2 hours, so you know exactly when the breeding cycle begins.

Be in the Know 24/7

Receive immediate notifications when the herd behave abnormally or display any sign of illness. Attend to cows and intervene with treatment in time to minimize losses with science-based insights.

Better Decision Making, Backed by Science

All Herd Data in One Place

Track, visualize, and manage health data on your herd including estrous cycles, pregnancy check-ups, and diseases on the MooConnect cloud platform. Generate and export a comprehensive report whenever you need a quick status check on your herd.
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      iOS / App Store

Smarter Herd Management

Elevate your pasture's efficiency and profit with data-driven guidance. MooCollar Bree and MooConnect let you analyze rumination, feeding, and stress patterns in each cow. These insights drive expert recommendations on grouping, feeding, and stress alleviation.

 An Investment that Pays for Itself

1 km gatewar coverage

Stay Connected Far and Wide

Keep tabs on 500 collared cows at the same time using the gateway, which has a 1 km range. Get real-time data on how your cows are feeding and moving around.

5 years battery life

Made to withstand Wear and Tear

The MooCollar Bree will last you over 7 years, which is more than enough to cover your herd's productive lifespan. The Bree's ultra-durable webbing keeps it working even if the cows are rough with it.

Easy Installation and Deployment

3, 2, 1 - We're Live!

No complex equipment or 10-page instructions. Tap into your herd health data in three simple steps: 1. Set up the gateway, 2. Put the collars onto your cows, and 3. Register the herd.

user-friendly interface

Simplicity in Every Touch

Checking in on your herd is as easy as checking the weather app. Log into the MooConnect platform on your phone or computer anytime, anywhere, as long as you're connected to the internet.



MooCollar Bree
Battery life
7+ years



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