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Meet the Sveaverken Blix Robotic Lawn Mower: Loving Your Lawn Has Never Been So Easy

Whether on the farm or commercially, Sveaverken has been a pioneer in the field of robotics, developing a whole host of solutions that help streamline tedious work and optimize operations. Now, we're thrilled to be bringing that same innovation to your backyard with the launch of our first consumer product – the Sveaverken Blix Robotic Lawn Mower.


The Why

We created Blix with a simple mission in mind: to give you back your weekends and allow you to truly enjoy your beautiful lawn.

We understand that mowing can be a chore, taking up precious time and energy that could be better spent relaxing or pursuing hobbies. That's all without even mentioning traditional gas-powered mowers and their noise, smell, and pollution.

The Blix was born from our extensive experience in advanced sensor-fusion algorithms and our desire to serve the community in more ways than ever. Send the autonomous Blix out on mowing missions whenever your grass needs trimming, and watch your lawn thrive.

So who is Blix for?

You love your lawn, but you hate mowing.
Blix takes care of the tedious work, freeing you up to spend time on what you love, whether it's reading a book on the patio, playing frisbee with the kids, or simply admiring your perfectly manicured green space.

You're obsessed with keeping your lawn green and healthy.
Are you the neighbor everyone admires for your perfectly striped grass? The Blix will become your secret weapon, ensuring your lawn stays picture-perfect with minimal effort.

You're a lover of home tech.
Blix is on the cutting edge of robotic lawn care technology. With its commercial-grade LiDAR sensor and advanced vision sensor suite, as well as intuitive app control, seamless lawn care was never this easy.

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Top 5 Features of the Sveaverken Blix

1. No Perimeter Wires

Forget about digging trenches or wrestling with pesky wires around your flowerbeds. The Blix uses advanced LiDAR and vision sensors to map and learn your lawn layout, eliminating the need for perimeter or guide wires altogether. No more digging, no more broken wires to troubleshoot – just a great looking lawn.

2. No RTK GNSS Base Station

Unlike some robotic mowers, the Blix doesn't require an RTK base station to operate. That means no complex setup, antennas on your roof, or any risk of interference! Simply set and forget, Blix will handle the rest. Truly a cable-free robotic lawn mower.

3. Easy Setup, Simple Maintenance

Setting up the Blix is a breeze. Simply unbox it, connect it to your phone and your Wi-Fi network, drive it to map your lawn, and you're done! Spend less time tinkering and more time enjoying your free time. To clean it, hose it down once a month to get rid of debris and give it a quick wipe, good as new.

4. Safe and Smart

Blix autonomously plans mowing paths in parallel stripes (customizable patterns coming soon), dynamically avoids obstacles, and returns to charge on its own when the battery gets low. Set a mowing schedule and just let Blix mow. When it rains, Blix takes a break. If a mowing task is paused, Blix comes back right where it left off and resumes mowing without you lifting a finger.

5. Lifetime Free App Updates

We're constantly improving Blix through software updates. With our free app, you'll always have access to the latest features and bug fixes, ensuring your mower stays at the forefront of robotic lawn care technology.


We're committed to providing exceptional customer service, which is why we're building a network of local dealers across the world to bring the Blix to you. Together, we deliver advanced technology and responsive support to a community near you.

Want to be part of our growing distribution network? Fill out the form below and be among the first to experience the future of lawn care with the Sveaverken Blix robotic lawn mower!

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