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The Best Choice of Robotic Feed Pusher for Small Dairy Barns

If you own small dairy barns and happen to have headaches from manually pushing feed, worrying about the health of your cows and milk production. There is a solution to this problem - the Sveaverken RoboPusher Nimbo. This compact robotic feed pusher is designed to ensure that your cattle have access to fresh feed at all times, making it an ideal choice for small dairy barns. Here are the reasons.

Minimum 2 meters width of the feeding alley

This compact feed pusher robot is designed to fit in narrow feeding alleys of 2 meters or more in width for dairy cattle housing, making it an ideal choice for small dairy barns. Additionally, the feed pusher machine has a turning width of only 1.2 meters, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

narrow feed alley

Deployment inside the cattle barn

Deploying the automatic feeding machine and installing the charge station inside the dairy cattle housing is also a breeze and can be done within three hours. The modular design of the RoboPusher Nimbo also makes it easy to maintain.

Frequent pushing

One of the significant advantages of the RoboPusher Nimbo is frequent pushing. The automatic feed pusher has a maximum pushing speed of 18 meters per minute, ensuring that your cattle have access to fresh feed at all times. The robot feeder also has a pushing strength of up to 50-100 kg of feed, ensuring that your cattle have access to enough feed they need.

Time and labor-saving

Another benefit of the RoboPusher Nimbo is that it saves time and labor. The machine has a fast charging system and automatically goes to recharge after finishing a push. The charging station can also be set up inside the cattle barn, making it convenient and easily accessible.

In conclusion, an automatic feed pusher is an essential piece of farm equipment for small dairy farms. It saves time and labor, ensuring that your cattle have access to fresh feed at all times. The RoboPusher Nimbo is an excellent choice for small dairy barns as it is compact, easy to install and maintain, and has frequent pushing capabilities. Investing in a robotic feed pusher is a wise decision for any dairy farmer looking to improve their cattle's health and milk production.

If you want to configure this compact robotic feed pusher for small dairy housing, contact us right away. Sveaverken team offers quick quotes and good service for you.

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